Places To Visit In Downtown Orlando

Downtown Orlando can be described as the true heart and soul of Central Florida. This is because it is a busy commerce center and is characterized by an array of industries, it has exemplary restaurants, it offers an exceptional shopping experience and many other interesting facts. In a nutshell, Downtown Orlando is both alive and dynamic with regard to business as well as entertainment.

Places to visit in Downtown Orlando

There are several interesting places to visit in Downtown Orlando; the notable ones include the following:


There are different art galleries in Downtown Orlando that exhibit both international and local artwork. Good examples of such art galleries include Cornell Fine Arts Museum and the Grand Bohemian Gallery. These have items that range from the locally produced jewelry and glass.


Tourists can visit and walk along the BoardWalk of Disney. It is a coastal village in the Atlantic that was formerly a recreation spot in the early 1930s. It is approximately a quarter mile in length and is located right alongside the Crescent Lake.

Similarly, there is a gorgeous hotel called Celebration. This consists of a unique blend of modern technology and architecture with a historical theme. Tourists can also pass by Lakeside Park when visiting Celebration. There is also a Downtown Disney Marketplace that has a variety eateries and boutiques that offer their services at an affordable rate.


Black Hammock Adventures has bird exhibits and live alligator. Tourists can watch trainers feeding them. In addition, it has a restaurant that offers clients live music free of charge. There is also the Children’s Library in the Orlando Public Library. This is where visitors can enjoy arts and crafts activities as well as storytelling. Other common activities are board games, musical events and movie nights. Harry P. Leu Gardens offers visitors storytelling services for free


Chamberlin’s Market and Café offers tourists and speakers free classes throughout the year. Howl At The Moon is a bar that is characterized by a piano sing-along and an ideal spot in which to parties for persons under the age of 21 years.

A notable business is Fort Christmas Historical Park. It is essentially an exact replica of Fort Christmas. It has a number of historical structures and several pioneer demonstrations. This is not to forget its craft fairs.

The above insightful information clearly outlines places to visit in Downtown Orlando. These are amazing places where you can go and enjoy the best of Downtown Orlando with your family or friends.